The Best Way to Promote Upcoming Events on Social Media

In this video we are answering the question, How Do We “Best Promote Our Upcoming Events?” 

Here is the quick answer, leverage Power Editor. Power Editor is a way to post to other’s Facebook feeds without it showing up in your timeline. Some call it dark posts, while it is really an advertising tool.

We are going to create an add in three easy steps.

You are probably asking why don’t I just boost the post? Boosting a post will allow more of your audience to see your post, but it is not as effective as power editor. While you can create a target audience in boost post, you will have much better results in Power Editor.

Step 1. Create a great add. Create a graphic or video to Facebook / Instagram’s Ad Size. Make sure your image size is 1200x628. It’s best to just use an image, if you have to use text on your image use Facebook's Guide for using text on images. 

 Create amazing copy by writing a headline using 4-5 words. Next write a sentence or two describing your event. Make sure you describe why this event is important. Make sure to use a call to action in your text. "Click here for” or "Apply Now” or “Subscribe” if appropriate. 

Step 2. Have a smart URL. Use or another smart URL shortener to shorten and track clicks to your website. Send people to your events page, or a specific page for tickets or more information on the event.

Step 3. Choose a targeted audience. What I love about power editor is that I am able to choose people I want to target on Facebook. I am going to choose people in my location and in the age demographic the would best fit my event. 

We hope these tips take your social content to new heights.

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