The Best Giving Solution For Churches

We’re not even gonna try and hide it… We are extremely picky when it comes to giving solutions for churches, especially our clients. We’ve have experienced everything from the completely makeshift to the custom giving solutions. But with almost every solution, it leaves us and our churches either lacking features or with a bad taste in our mouths having to pay for a monthly subscription on top of the processing fees.

It’s no secret that we are huge fanboys of everything Subsplash produces. In fact, our order goes: Jesus > Apple > Subsplash > everything else. It was’t long ago that Subsplash was providing their giving solution along with their Media Player. For $20/m, it was an amazing deal and our go-to for almost all our churches. But some churches didn’t need a media player or were unsure if they wanted to pursue an app in the near future. This led us to other great solutions, but they either required a monthly subscription on top of the processing fees or their user experience was clunky, which leads to roadblocks in someone’s willingness to give online.

So here is the best news you’ll ever hear second to the Gospel: Subsplash is giving away (yes, GIVING AWAY) Subsplash Giving for FREE!!! No joke! All you need is a 501c3 status and you can begin receiving tithes and donations online using Subsplash’s giving solution for FREE. What’s even better, is that they have a variable processing rate, which means the more people give, the lower your processing rate drops.

With an already crazy low processing rate of 2.3% to start, Subsplash is by far our number one recommended giving solution for ANY church. For more information or to get started, go to