The Future of Creative Church Graphics

The short version: We are shutting it down to make room for a new platform that will more effectively meet the needs of the creative church. Keep reading for the long version.

From the onset, we wanted CCG to be a service that allowed churches to get ready-to-use graphics that would save them both time and money. When we launched it in October of 2015, we figured out that a church would save up $5 per $1 graphic they'd purchase. That would result in a savings of of up to $150 per month as well as free up several hours that they could apply to other areas for ministry.

The past year has been amazing to serve you churches that have both purchsed one-off graphics and those of you who subscribed monthly. We have been able to resource and serve churches that normally would not be able to afford our custom services. From a ministry standpoint, it has been a success. But from a business perspective, we've struggled to see any return on investment.

We are not in the habit of making business decisions in our company. In fact, more often than not, we make choices that contradict sound business decisions because our focus is on ministry and serving the church first.

The lack of an ROI is not the main factor for us shutting down It's because we see a bigger need to fulfill and we would rather focus our time, energy, and investing in this new platform that would have a greater impact in meeting the needs of the creative church.

For now, we are going to keep you in the dark about what it is, but more info will be released as we approach the launch. We are looking to launch shortly after the first of the year, if all goes as planned.

We are giving away 101 ready-to-use graphics for online and in-service. Click the link to get access to your free graphics or click the button below.