What It Costs Your Church To NOT Have A Creative

We started The Creative Church Company to solve some very specific problems in church communications. While being pastoral staff, we’ve seen and worked with companies that seemed more concerned with a church’s check clearing than actually helping them solve simple issues when it comes to communicating their DNA, brand, or mission to their community. Our goals were simple:

  1. Help churches who can't help themselves.
  2. Resource churches to become self-reliant.
  3. Empower Creatives with a heart for ministry.
  4. Relationships over contracts.
  5. Fulfill needs. Never up-sell.

When the idea of providing creative staff to churches who can’t afford it was fermenting, we knew we had to start at the beginning: What roadblocks stop churches from hiring creative staff? We have narrowed it down to three things:

1. Cost

The national average to employ a Creative is $23.55 per hour. That’s $49,000 per year which doesn't include taxes, insurance, vacation pay and all the other benefits for employing staff. This could be a difficult thing to financially commit to for as much as 90% of all US churches.

2. ROI (Return on investment)

There is no single metric to analyze the success of creative communications. Each one only shows a small portion of a larger story. Some churches find it difficult to give new processes the time to work, especially when success can not be easily measured. Sometimes, even a year is not long enough to see positive results. Church leaders who relying too much on quick results could be set up for disappointment before the benefits start showing.

3. Perceived value

Some churches do not correctly perceive the value of having a creative on staff. They tend to place their primary focus on more visual roles such as a teaching pastor or worship leader. A creative tends to stay behind the scenes during the week, but their work is on display Sunday mornings, church events, and conferences.

Unfortunately, guests will decide if they will return to your church or not before a service even begins. All churches, whether intentionally or not, are always communicating something. The condition of your facilities, the quality of your parking, the warmth of your lobby, the type of seating that is available, and how welcoming a service is are all factors the communicate the health of your church.

How much control do you want over your message?

Think on these questions:

  • Is controlling the message worth a portion of your budget?
  • Is it worth professional expertise?
  • Does what you’re trying to say and what you are saying align?
  • Is what you’re saying and what’s being heard the same?
  • Has your church growth stalled? If so, why?
  • Are churches in your county growing while yours is declining?
  • Did your capital campaign not end up as successful as you thought it would?
  • Did a new ministry not have the impact and welcome you thought it would?

Through CreativeChurch.Team, we have helped ministries like yours:

  1. Make guests feel more welcome
  2. Connect sermons visually and emotionally
  3. Present the church in an attractive way
  4. Communicate the value of ministries and events
  5. Create a culture of inclusion and member retention

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