Why We Switched To Squarespace

At The Creative Church Company, we often get asked why we use Squarespace for our church sites. Well, it’s not so much asked as it is made fun of. Not many serious developers or agencies would ever consider using Squarespace for a site, and rightfully so. It is not the most robust platform out there. Having used Wordpress and ExpressionEngine and a few others as the foundation for client sites before, there was something very attractive about Squarespace. We had come to a point as a company when we were spending our time digging through code to find out what plugin updated and broke the entire site. We had enough. It was no longer worth it for us to offer websites to clients and we were continually having to turn away business. We had to come up with a solution.

Honestly, we made fun of Squarespace. We thought it was a stupid platform and too simple to do anything good with. But as the needs of our clients and the desires of our company were changing, there were some very simple motivating factors for us to consider which eventually led us to choose using Squarespace exclusively. 

1. We would rather be focused on delivering content instead of managing it.

So much of our time on other platforms was spent in the backend figuring out or fixing the code to make a particular feature work right across all devices. Squarespace allows us piece of mind knowing that they’ve worked out the kinks by building a solution that virtually eliminates external plugins. As long as we stay within the sandbox they’ve created, we can know that everything will work and look good.

2. It’s easy for churches to understand and use

If the opportunity allows, we prefer to hand off a site to a client for them to manage the day-to-day. With so many platforms out there, not only are they complicated but it’s very easy for someone to unknowingly to break the site. Squarespace allows us a solution that is easy to train clients to use and leave us feeling confident they won’t misrepresent the work we’ve done.

3. Integrated Store/Donations

Too often we’ve had to utilize third-party plugins that connect payment solutions to websites. Even if that plugin is develop by the payment solution, it’s still buggy sometimes. Squarespace has a full integration with a single processor. Many would see this as a limiter because they want options. We see it as something that allows them to focus all of their attention on one thing to ensure it works perfectly for the site owner and the user.

Is Squarespace the perfect solution? No. There are limitations with what we are able to do with it. But, we have figured out the benefits, how to communicate them to clients and why the many pros far outweigh the few cons.

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