3 Ways Your Church Can Use A MEVO Camera

First off, what it a MEVO?

mevo church video

The MEVO is a brand new camera that allows you to stream directly to Facebook Live! Normally you'd have to use your phone/tablet or invest in some pricey gear to use other cameras. For only $399, your church can use this awesome camera in a ton of ways! To see more details or order your MEVO, go to Getmevo.com.

Here are 3 ways you can use a MEVO Camera.

Number 1 - The Recap

Do an ultra condensed version of the weekend’s message, only hitting the main takeaways and answer questions on the spot. Be sure to keep the video at around 3 to 5 minutes long. The video will post to your church’s Facebook page as a video so you can continue answering any other questions later.

Number 2 - Weekly Devos

Read a couple of verses and then give your two cents on how to live it out in the real world. This is also a great time to ask some questions and interact with people who are watching.

Number 3 - Staff praise & prayer

Have your worship pastor play one song, then have a few staff members pray over specific life-areas. For example, pray for marriages, pray for those that a re sick, and so on. Be sure to keep it general and definitely DO NOT mention any specific situations.

Last Tip

Consistency is key. Keep it at the same time, every time. Even mention the day and time in the video to remind people of when to come back.

What ways is your church using a MEVO? Let us know below!