What's your time worth?

One of the best questions anyone can ask themselves is, “What is my time worth?”

In a world where we are constantly running from one thing to another, trying to juggle multiple things, all the while expecting perfection in everything we touch, we encounter a dilemma. Time management is crucial to productivity but it all begins with the understanding of what our time is actually worth.

If you’re reading this and are the slightest bit intrigued with this concept of what your time is worth, ask yourself another question: what things can I handoff today?

If you’re struggling with this question, you’re not alone. The majority of people we come into contact with generally have a hard time listing one thing, much less many things, they can handoff to someone else.  The truth is, delegating is hard. Trusting someone to do what you want, when you want, how you would actually do it seems incredibly difficult if you’re not used to it. At the very core of delegation is trust – trusting that people will care the same amount for the very thing you feel so passion about. When trust isn’t extended, doubt typically settles in. The doubt eventually turns into fear and inevitably ends up with complete control.

Control is an addicting and paralyzing reality for a lot of people. And it definitely does not have a place in the church or when it comes to leading people effectively. In essence, every leader comes to a point when they must choose between two options: total control at the expense of their sanity or slowly begin to relinquish control and focus on what you are actually called to do.

So, how do we begin to loosen the grip and become a delegating champion?

  1. Understand what your time is worth
  2. Figure out what things are important that need your attention, and start looking to hand off the rest.
  3. Commit & Start small

For many churches, one area we hear most people want to hand off is that of creative control or anything specific to the realm of creative support. At Creative Church Company, our heart is to eliminate the burden any pastor has of carrying the creative slack or driving the creative direction for the entire church.

Interestingly enough, social media these days, in addition to the items listed above, is what zaps people’s time more than anything else. We all can agree that social engagement is a necessity. More and more churches are beginning to realize how important of a tool social media is to inspire, interact & inform not only their church, but also the community.

Let’s say in addition to everything you already do, you want to create a healthy balance of social graphics to display throughout the week. Each social post/graphic will take 15 minutes to create. How did we get that number? Easy. It will take 10 minutes to figure out what to say and how to say it, research design ideas of how you want it to look and gather any images, fonts or graphics you’ll use. Add another 5 minutes to actually design/assemble the graphic. Boom! Done.

Spending 15 minutes per graphic or paying someone 15 minutes per graphic does not seem like much. But when you begin to multiply this out for how many graphics it would take to develop consistency, a trend emerges.

Cost to produce a single graphic

So if you make or pay $10/hour, a graphic will cost $2.50 to produce. Each graphic costs $5.00 at $20/hour.

Cost to produce 5 graphics

By spending 1.25 hours per week or 5 hours per month, you can be spending up to $100/month just on social graphics.

Now the above costs don't factor in the additional expenses of using paid resources to create your graphics (images, fonts, etc). Not to mention the $50/month for Adobe Creative Cloud to actually create the design. Now some of you are calling foul. “What about free tools?” You’re right! There are plenty of free tools out there to use and Canva is our favorite. But even with free tools, it still takes time to create the graphic and time costs money or time not spent elsewhere. 

What would you be able to do with an extra hour and 15 minutes a week? What if you had an additional 5 hours per month? Would you look to dive deeper with your volunteer team? Focus on big picture planning? Could you lead better? Preach better? Finally tackle that project you’ve been putting off?

Imagine having an entire month’s posts done in less time and cost than it normally takes to compile a week. CreativeChurch.Graphics provides churches and leaders like you with Ready-To-Use Graphics for $1. But even better, if you subscribe for $10/month, you receive 15 downloads each month of our always growing collection. That makes each graphic less than $0.70!

As a leader, even if you’re the creative on staff or in charge of social media at your church, CreativeChurch.Graphics is a great way to increase your capacity and spend time on other important responsibilities. 

So, what is your time worth? What areas need your utmost attention and effort? Would you like to learn how we can help you get more time in your day?

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