An Illustration For Communications Don'ts

Look at the image below:

Church Design Dont's

It's a microwave at my office. I have attempted to use it twice with no luck getting it to actually work. Do you know why? Take a guess at where the button for starting the microwave is.

Where do you think the button is?

If you guessed where it says START... you're wrong. In fact, STOP doesn't work either. Here is where the button actually is:

Microwave Bad Design

Yeah... the button is the "/". Seriously?! Ugh!

Why is this important and what does it have to do with the church?

Well, churches are often great at communicating things in a way that make sense to them. Like the manufacturer of the microwave, it made sense to them to design the button the way they did. But for a user, it's confusing to use which makes for a bad experience, which makes for possibly avoiding that brand in the future.

When you communicate, both internally and externally as a church, be sure to write in a way so that someone who is not a part of your church can understand. When you use words, names or other pieces that only "insiders" would recognize, it makes those who do not attend feel like outsiders and that they don't belong.

Here's an easy way to communicate better:

Instead of using the name of the kid's ministry, say "kid's ministry". Someone who does not attend your church has no idea what GLOW or KIDZONE means. And please stop with the acronyms. Nobody knows that F.R.O.G. stands for Fully Reliant On God. Here's an example to use:

"Hi [insert name]!

We wanted to let you know that our kid's ministry, *insert ministry name here*, is having an event we would love for your child to be apart of...."

What steps has your church taken to use wording & design to be more inviting to those who don't attend your church?