How Do I Grow Our Church's Social Media Following?

Inspiration, education and storytelling are all premium posts on social media. Meaning if you can inspire, teach or tell a great story, do it. Get the most attention on your posts by using graphics, videos, or adding a location to check in.


When looking for content to post or creating content think of using these inspiring things. 


  1. Passage like Jeremiah 29:11 are great to share on social media because it inspires people. Check out for ready made graphics you can share on social media.
  2. Take a quote from a weekend sermon and make it a graphic or video post. 
  3. Stories can be as simple as a photo with a quote from the person or you can really make a good looking video of somebody smiling and adding a voice over and music track to get something like this!


We hope these tips take your social content to new heights.


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