Yes, you need an assistant.

We had found ourselves in an awesomely terrifying situation: We were growing faster than we could keep up with. We were adding clients faster and faster, which meant that our small team was becoming bombarded with project requests at an increasing rate. At this point, we had already developed great workflows and processes, but we were coming up to the scalability ceiling and fast!

Chris and I decided that it was time for us to look at bringing on a project manager. But we weren't quite ready to hire a full-time employee and hesitant about hiring in any capacity. As we were looking into the various virtual assistant solutions, there was only one roadblock for us moving forward, and it was a big one. We needed to know that the person who would work with us had the same heart and care and love for churches and their leaders as we did.

Of all the solutions we researched and chatted with, the gap between the excellence of service, all of which had astounding solutions, and the heart of the individuals we'd be working with was too great. But then, almost by accident, we stumbled on Ministry Assistant Services. The more we read, the greater our sense of excitement grew. Then we had the opportunity to Zoom with Hayley, the Founder & President, and OH MY GOD! This woman is a rockstar! Chris and I were texting each other during our meeting, ready to pull the trigger before our conversation was finished with Hayley.

Let me break it down into the simplest terms. Hayley and her team not only have the experience & ability of world-class virtual assistants like Zirtual and others, but they take that skill and apply it exclusively to serving pastors.

If you are a pastor of a small church and just about everything falls on your shoulders, you need to have a chat with Hayley and the team at Ministry Assistant Services.

If you're the pastor or leader of a larger than average sized church and could use the help of an assistant, but the budget doesn't allow it, stop what you're doing right now and set up a time to connect with Hayley and Ministry Assistant Services.

You need them on your team. We did, and it is by far the best and most significant decision we've made at The Creative Church Company

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